Nosferatu is a 2010 graphic novel based on the 1922 film of the same name.

  Join Tommy & Elle as they uncover the secrets of an eccentric German Count by the name of Orlok in this modernized twist on a classic story.

  From Viper Comics and the creative team of Wolf, Wayne, & Nieto, this graphic novel is blood-soaked horror tale with an unhealthy dose of humor.

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By now we all know the story, right? ... Not quite.

The graphic novel "Nosferatu" reimagines the classing 1922 film with a modern-day cast. The exception, however, is the very ancient and very evil Count Orlok.

A young photographer by the name of Tommy Hutter leaves her home and her girlfriend Elle behind. What is intended to be a short stay with in an eccentric Count's humble abode soon turns into something much worse.

The cruel, inhuman Count Orlok... the Nosferatu... has his twisted heart set on paying Elle a special visit. One that will unite them, in a manner of speaking, for eternity!

This graphic novel retells the plot of the classic 1922 film with humor, action, and a few buckets of blood, taking sharp jabs at Hollywood remakes along the way.
… a retelling of a classic story that retains the original’s essence, especially when it comes to the horrific and the grotesque.” - Rue Morgue Magazine

… it’s a relevant, fun, and well crafted story with a stellar art team.” - Zedura Magazine

A great adventure for the high school reader and older that does both the orignal film and independent comic industry proud!” -

This comic is a damn good update to an old classic for this generation to enjoy. A great piece of work by independent comic creators.” -

There’s tons of originality here and it’s very fun and it’s an original take on the vampire mythos.” -

Nosferatu is a very impressive book that manages to re-imagine a classic story for a modern audience without cheapening the experience.” - Troy Mayes,

Funny, creepy, sassy and horrifying, Nosferatu’s contemporary spice adds some bite to a classic vintage.” - Christian Kerr, The Crack

xx John Lees shines a light on Orlok!

06:50:15 PM 07/26/11 by Slimebeast
John's a braver man than I. Orlok hates when people shine stuff on him!
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xx Nosferatu bit a zombie cat, or something!

06:49:34 PM 07/26/11 by Slimebeast
Well, things have been sort of quiet around here since the release of the book, but don't fret! Why? Because fretting is really, really unattractive.

Trust us.

But that's beside the point - Check out this awesome article from Zombie Cat Productions:

If there's one thing almost as cool as Nosferatu, it's undead cats!
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xx Rue Morgue feat. Nosferatu GN on stands now!

06:48:52 PM 07/26/11 by Slimebeast
Note: This post was moved from the old Nosferatu news board. The issue mentioned below is from several months past.

Hey all! Rush out to your local book procurement shop and check out the latest issue of Rue Morgue magazine, featuring (yes featuring) the Nosferatu GN in their comic book section!
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xx The plague fiend goes viral!

06:47:31 PM 07/26/11 by Slimebeast
You can now become a faithful servant of Count Orlok!

Check out and see what's in store for you... then forward the link to every single person you've ever met in your life!

(Hint: The key is to not tell them what it is... then BOOM!... Vampire attack.)
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  … Occupation: Photographer
  … Description: Silly, sarcastic, constantly running off at the mouth. Tommy's skill behind the camera is matched only by her spunky spitfire personality.

  … Based Upon: Thomas Hutter / Jonathan Harker
  … Occupation: Model
  … Description: Seemingly cold and aloof to those who don't know her. Somewhat of a drama queen, but the kind that's worth all the trouble at the end of the day.

  … Based Upon: Ellen Hutter / Mina Harker
Mr. Nox
  … Occupation: Gallery Owner
  … Description: A self-satisfied metrosexual fop with a penchant for young women. Depending on who you ask, these women may or may not be conscious at the time.

  … Based Upon: Knock / Renfield
F. Bullner
  … Occupation: Agent, Department of Homeland Security
  … Description: Burnt out and possibly dangerous, Agent Bullner has a long-standing grudge against a certain Count, which has caused him no end of trouble.

  … Based Upon: Professor Bulwer / Van Helsing
Graf Orlok
  … Occupation: Count (Nice work if you can get it.)
  … Description: The eccentric, incredibly spooky Count Orlok lives alone on the outskirts of civilization. What he does behind castle walls is anyone's guess.

  … Based Upon: Count Orlok / Dracula
    The creative team behind the Nosferatu graphic novel first met during a top secret psyops mission to the Carpathian mountains in 1962. Though the nature of this event remains a mystery (mostly due to overly thorough mind-wipes) all three agents returned with supernatural abilities never before seen. Now this super-team has combined their skills yet again in an effort to create the greatest and best graphic novel in the history of vampire lore!

Christopher Howard Wolf (Writer)
    … A long-time fan of myths and monsters, Christopher Howard Wolf is an upcoming creator in the arena of comics, gaming, and more. Weather engineering entire online worlds or telling a story on the printed page, he refuses to stop making up weird things. Not content to simply enjoy what the world of entertainment has to offer, he seems hell-bent on contributing as much as possible to it.
    … Motorhed @ Deviantart

Justin Wayne (Penciller)
    … Justin Wayne lives with his three unholy demons of the night, also known as cats, in a small Halloween themed 1 bedroom apartment where he watches the sanity of his neighbors slowly slip away. While not using this as an excuse to pass the time, he works for a local screen print and embroidery shop and posts sometimes spooky, sometimes cute and even sometimes spookycute art. He also likes to draw girls... a lot.
    … MyDyingRose @ Deviantart

Sal N. AKA TheDarkCloak (Colorist)
    … Sal aka 'thedarkcloak' is an inspired and mainly self educated artist, illustrator, musician, animator & all around creative madman who originally comes from Chicago. His passion for stretching his skills and learning new techniques means he is constantly studying and experimenting - he was even voted by his class most likely to grow up to become a mad scientist (no, really!). Whilst his personal artistic tastes lead him toward dark horror art, he is comfortable and accomplished with any genre, bringing his individual and original touch to whatever he does. When he's not plotting & scheming in his pursuit of world domination, he works as a creative director for a software & technology company in the advertising industry.
    … TheDarkCloak @ Deviantart

Take a moment to experience the classic 1922 horror film "Nosferatu" once more. If you have never seen the film, then all the better!

Nosferatu "Trailer"

If you haven't seen the film, here's a nice advert for you!

Nosferatu - The Full Film

Here it is in its entirity, folks!

Bonus Video

Warning: This man is not a certified vampire.

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